by Tiffany Layne

Have u ever been surrounded
But looked around and
Realized you’re all alone

Everything you have is
Already gone
Or looking for a way to go
And you can’t hold on
They’ve already moved on
You’re stuck there by yourself
That’s where I am now
And I don’t know how
To begin to protect myself.
The heartaches gonna get me
I don’t know how to break free
I can’t stay out of the fire
No one is gonna save me
And that’s the irony
I was burned by my own desire
I just had to be surrounded
But now I look around and
I’m here all alone.
Everything I have is gone
And they’re looking for a way to go.
It’s just me,  I’m just here –  ALONE


4 Comments to “Alone”

  1. Two “Alone” for the day. I like it.

  2. Miss Tiffany & Mr Booguloo

    You should know that great minds think alike.

  3. Alone against the mists of time.

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