Poem of the Day — Swappist

by paturnerlee


A bang all whisky, slashed incredulous, discovery channel promotion

In tantric emotion

Rubbed out, rolled and picked together, crushed in ambiguity

Conduit for disaster, stuffed but pleased

A chagrin, a red blue lament

Cast in out of date dried cement: joined together like mushy peas

Green, gravel voiced, pampered like the one in the wool shop

Spreading the weave to flow through to the eloquently printed floral clock

Miss the drinking recital, the champagne cork bottle popping

Stung by bees because they refused to be closed in by passers by

The ones watching the Tour de France; the yellow shirt parade

Mothers gathering bridges to immobilise the teaching shadows

White faced, blood drained and guilt ridden

A sucked in and out humorous rick-Shaw dragging, drivelling slope to the top of the superstore

With alleyways and bargain priced technical sweetie shop cashier selling points

Picked for the colours

Just smothered by rags torn from the backs of corrupt ministers that jumble the cast off clothes

Not given for charity

Fought together in depravity

Solvent sniffed sombre resisting palace

For beggars to wrap the gifts of service

To none but the likes of me or you


Dry toned and

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 20th July 2015

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