by William

He’s sitting at the table

Looking slightly bemused

Eating his breakfast cereal

His morning paper, already perused


He’s waiting at the bus stop

Just outside a major shop

The bus driver, he does greet

Then sits at the back, in the very end seat


He’s going to the movies, all alone

Then will return, back to his home

He has this funny little dog

That joins him on his morning jog


He’s going to watch the football

Will buy a ticket, only the one

Will wear his team jersey, just as he’s always done

If his team loses, he will be feeling ever so glum


His wife, he still misses, after all these years

She tripped and fell all the way down the stairs

Her death, so unexpected, still brings him to tears

Her early demise, the very worst of his fears


He has grown very lonely over the years

Making conversation, one of his major fears

Prefers to keep the world so far from his mind

But he is always a gentleman, one of a kind



2 Comments to “Alone”

  1. Lonely is a feeling he’s keeping. It’s easier than any other to hold onto. I can only hope a gentle woman will show him he can love again.

  2. simply beautiful and tragic

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