Read Me The A B C’s

by Colly


A is for animals.

An apple.

An ant.

B is for barn.

A big brown barn.

Beside the barn is a berry bush.

A brown bear eats berries.

Brown bear – brown bear.

I see you beside the barn.

Right, there, behind the berry bush.

But this is a farm.

You wander from the forest brown bear?

Cc is for cat.

She rests on a, cozy, mat.

Purr sounds coo crying kittens.

A cow comes to my door.

“This is my house.” “You can’t come in.”

To clop over carpet. Climb on the couch.

Chew on our curtains!

In a cage, a canary chomps a cherry.

I take the pit out first.

Canaries can choke on them!”

Outside coyotes call, yip howl, in the night.

They sneak around looking for food.

Dd is for drenched.

A dry dog dives in a trough.

Is that a water slide?

Cows drink from troughs during the day.

That dog is dripping wet.

The dog paws the dirt.

A dirty dog digs deep.

In the ground he drops a bone.

He rolls dirt balls with his nose.

Ee is for eggs.

Chickens lay eggs every day.

Like dogs, chickens make holes in dirt.

Big, round, holes bigger then tire wheels.

Chickens enjoy pecking at the ground.

Chickens, now, escape the coop.

See them exit the gate.

It was left open.

And every time, out comes excited chickens.

Cluck – Cluck – Cluck

says the chickens.

As I round up their eggs.

A one and a two and a

three and a four.

Will I find any more?

Five and six.

Now, I count once more.

One, two, three.

Four, five, six.

So, three eggs plus

three eggs equals

six eggs.

Ff is fun on the farm.

For fields and furry friends.

Frozen treats, in the fridge, help to cool you down.

Gg is for get up and go.

The goats want oats.

Nah-aaaa Nah-aaaa

Goats misbehave if you make them wait!

In the milk bucket goes a hoof!

“Nah-aaaa,” say’s Getty the goat.

Nah-aaaa (nag) for a shave today?

Hoofs slam the barn walls – whack, crack.

Will the barn roof fall?

Maybe not.

They pull your shirt with their teeth.

Will they need some dentistry?

Hh is for hay bales – round and square.

Hay stacks high in the barn.

Hh is for cowboy’s wearing cowboy hats on their head.

At the hat store you find cowboy hats and sport’s caps too.

At the hardware store you find hammers, water hoses and a hoe.

~ personal photo ~

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