Poem of the Day — Stuck in a Cage

by paturnerlee

Stuck in a cage
The wind blows outside, the rivets screwed into the floor rattle

Clouds jangle and merge and brush aside each other

My frozen heart clasps the gates shut

Shallow belief clasps the breast bone of pain tight against the lungs

Forward locked choked, gasping grappling

The same old story; no joy no fun no laughter

Just frozen belief; tears swimming like luminescent fish in a sanitary dish

Crisp flakes of sorrow peeling from bleeding feet

Marched time since petals first appeared on the branches

A springtime long past

A permanent winter dwelling heaped in melting grey snow

No chance of changing this time, it melts into grey slate mist

Internal distress squeezed in lime flavoured treacle pudding

A green young shoot, a parrot squawks in parallel thoughts

Structured dismissal of abject misery



A repeat performance of life

Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee 30th June 2015


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