Fated Path

by graypoet


We can remember some things as an instant in time
Others seem the minutes crawl by excruciatingly slow
We are all given the same number of hours in a day
Looking back, what have we done, do our efforts show.

As a youth we have no concept of the days of our life
As we mature there might be a realization of mortality
For older ones as the days seem to go by so very quickly
It is then that life seems to give us so much left to see.

In the prime of life many have such a casual view of love
Some feel the bed is fresher on the other side of the street
Some leave what has been a chance at the love of their life
For the excitement that comes from a tryst, a lover to meet.

When do we find the contentment with a special someone
Is it too much to ask that we are able to share life together
Will distractions continue to separate the paths that we walk
Can it be desires realized are like the wind blowing a feather.

We’ve all heard that we should be content with what we have
Yet there are times we still look to the stars and pray for love
As we look overhead at stars shining in a clear of the night sky
We still hope for a hand and heart that fits our own like a glove.


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