Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes

by Tiffany Layne

There were ten little fingers and ten little toes
And before I knew it, off he goes
Across the room into his Daddy’s arms.

He was stealing my heart with every smile
He was sleeping on me and all the while
Angels were kissing his cheeks, he was that sweet

Then all of the sudden the school bus came
I can’t lie, it was never the same
He was growing up on me, bittersweet reality

On the football field they called out his name
It was on the back of my shirt, I watched every game
Shouting “that’s my boy” I lived for those days

Then he got his first truck and he fixed it up
Riding through town with the radio up
He passed by, he waved at me, how could that be

Those ten little fingers and ten little toes
Are taller than me, I guess that’s how it goes
!6 years in the blink of an eye makes a mother cry

He’s getting ready to fly, he’s spreading those wings
I see that look- he’s got his own dreams
But I’m still here in case he falls, even though he’s got it all

He doesn’t need me to hold his hand,
But if I need to hold it I hope he understands
I was the first one to dream for him, he was my dream

When I held those ten little fingers and ten little toes,
I saw heaven in a way every mother knows
I never knew he’d grow up so fast, could we just slow down?

I’m not ready for the day he says goodbye,
I know there will be a thousand tears to cry,
Wish I could just hold on to those ten little fingers and ten little toes.


3 Comments to “Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes”

  1. Brilliant, can’t be better

  2. the bittersweet sorrow of motherhood !

  3. I can *so* relate. They grow up too fast.

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