~ Charleston’s Mother

by A. L. O'Prunty

~ Charleston’s Mother
Steeped in tradition

A foundation built on defiance

Rock by rock, stone, by stone

Blood, sweat and tears

A people pulling together

Uniting in the quest of equality

The chalice of their dreams
Burnt, but not destroyed

Faith and perseverance

Raised the walls, bar higher

And the congregation sang

The songs of their forefathers

Once shackled in Americas greatest shame

Greatest injustice to humanity

And still, they sang
Charleston’s Mother violated

Hatred filled the crazed barrel

In the hands of pure evil

Lives lost, hearts broken

And a nation stands aghast

Once again on the world’s stage

Where uncontrollable rage reigned
Heads bowed in prayer

Souls searching for solace

Supposed safety in the house of God

Where all Hell breaks loose;

The Devil in disguise

With a revolver full of hatred

Changes, once again, peoples lives
Their strength, will, tested

Again they’ll rise, defiant

One prayer at a time;

Charleston’s Mother standing strong

Steeped in tradition, faith, praise and song
And God, being respector of none

Will here their cries, begging, pleading

And being colorblind, he hears but does not see

As humans do, in their base beliefs of inequality:

Oh Mother! Oh Mother!

Let your bells ring throughout our lands

Resounding as a prayer for all humans!

O’Prunty ©



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