Bad Weather

by Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books® and


The clouds are building
black towers, ominous
somewhere intimate. I can feel it,
bare feet
on sharp rock. The lake
has rippled into waves
capped white with foam. The barometer
has quickly dropped. The cold
is an ache
in my heart, the rain
cutting wounds
once covered with scars. This is a bad one
in a bad boat
that weeps and creaks
harsh as the crack of her mouth.

From Heartwood due to published later this year

4 Comments to “Bad Weather”

  1. Richard, you forgot to add tags, have you a link to where you got the photo please.

  2. The photo is mine. I did put in tags, I must be removing them after I type them in when I click add tags. I am also having trouble with the text staying where I put it. It always wants to move up beside the photo rather stay beneath it where I put it. All a mystery to me. I thought these machines were built by people that had brains. I guess Maybe not.

  3. A few authors put personal photo at the bottom of the post.
    Try   below the photo code in the text editor before you start writing to keep it below the photo, if that does not work i’ll send you a code.
    They are fine if you now how they work, so that’s me out 🙂

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