This Is My End

by Tiffany Layne

I turn on the radio, oh my, why is she singing our song?
How did she know the words that would tell of this love that went wrong?
Why is everybody calling in saying “DJ won’t you play it again'”
Don’t they know, those are my tears, that’s my story, this is my end.

I’m the one who has to quit wasting my time, move on with my life,
I’ve got to stop dreaming that I ended up as your wife.
Why can’t you see that you devastated me
I’m stuck with all your promises of what we were meant to be.

I want to be classy, I want to wish you well, but I’m going through hell,
I know something went wrong but you’re to cowardly to tell,
So I created an infatuation with my imagination
All I do is go back and replay all the moments of our temptation.

I don’t wanna be stagnant, I wanna flow like the tide,
But not only did you break my heart you wounded my pride
And everybody seems to know our story because this woman sings our song,
And I hear it and I crank it up and I cry while I sing along.

Can’t you tell them not to play that, can’t you make it go away?
You disappeared without a trace, why can’t her words do the same?
She seems to know my heartache, can she tell me when I’ll mend?
That was my story, those were my words, this was my end…

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

4 Comments to “This Is My End”

  1. expressive write and can definitely relate 🙂

  2. I really liked this, Tiffany 🙂

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