by KeiB

Filaments of fire ziplining through a mind unsettled and a body restless
Melancholy, bittersweet, this flame between us caught and cradled
A fiery passion sparked in a touch, causing tremors in the blades of my spine
Like fulgurite, the lightning strike, my back arched and held taut
I can’t tell if this is the last of a flame caught in Arctic air
Or the first flame, cast from a volcano a thousand years ago
I wonder if you truly are as beautiful as I believe
Should we ever meet again on your side of blue satin sheets
Falling asleep to the sound of my heart to your heartbeat

The true rhythm of rhyme…

An echo under my fingertips and kisses pressed to your chest
I’ll find that man again in your eyes
Hold my stare and I’ll understand
Let me love you for all that you are, the Polaris in my universe, fallen from the sky
The rushing thrum in the veins of this tremulous world
This love that ordinary life tried to burn away
Rises from the ground, steady and alive

~ kei
7 June 2015
The Eclectic Poet

One Comment to “Sparks”

  1. Hi Karin, can you remember to use the “read more ” button please.

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