June II

by Jem Croucher


The month of summer solstice
Midsummer’s day and Thursday’s child
Is here at last, I’m pleased to say
So on this day I smiled

That’s not to say of course that I
Don’t smile on other days
It’s just that June’s my favourite month
In many different ways

A Thursday’s child in fifty-nine
So too again this year
Six and fifty summers seen
As I applaud and cheer

I’ll leave it up to you to guess
On which Thursday that day falls
But I think a beer will feature
When my birthday evening calls

And if the sunshine smiles that day
The beach is where I’ll be
To celebrate another year
By my favourite place, the sea

Photo by Jempics of the ‘Babygram’ my Grandma sent to people on the day of my birth. Inside it says that I was 7lbs 5 oz and that my chosen names were ‘Jeremy John’. This is now kept in my special box.


6 Comments to “June II”

  1. I’m a June baby too 😀 (June 13)

  2. I am also a child of the solstice, and of the longest day of the year, but I am Friday’s child. Next year, i will be Friday’s child again. This year, I am Thursday’s child.

    Nice way to ring in your birth month 🙂

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