A Summer Tree [for Sandra]

by Peter Notehelfer
Lisa Boettger pinterest.com

Lisa Boettger pinterest.com

She is a summer tree
Intent on putting on blossoms
Intent on yet putting on fruit
Ere winter claims herĀ 

Tall for her variety
Her limbs are yet so sparse
Some snapped off at trunk
Most pruned at twig

Yet below curled bark
The green wood is ripe of life
The sap tacky to ones touch
As if eager for growth

Under her thick mulch
The roots run out deep & wide
Down past hard rock adversity
Out past drought circle

The orchard about her
Has too often taken the trophy
Gold ribbon at the county fair
Records at the harvest

But gradually the trees
All gave way to the developers
Turned one by one to fire wood
Or split in winter wind

This tree now stands alone
In the gentle garden of her dreams
Eager to bear fruit not for market
But for sheer delight of life

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