The Kind of Friend I Want to Be

by russtowne

Russ Towne's A Grateful Man

The Kind of Friend I Want to Be

One day I found I had false friends

It broke my heart and I blamed them

But blaming those I couldn’t count on

Taught me nothing and I was wrong

I had the friends I deserved

For true friends I’d be better served

To change myself and become one

To learn to do what must be done

Train my eyes to clearly see

What their eyes are telling me

All the things so hard to say

Keep listening ‘til they find a way

To share their pain, grief and fears,

Hear with my heart not just my ears

Give a loving hug when they need one

When they’re defeated and when they’ve won

Stand with them in life’s hottest fires

Help them achieve what they desire

Then speak my truth while being kind

So they’ll know what’s on my mind

Share my…

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One Comment to “The Kind of Friend I Want to Be”

  1. Russ, if you don´t mind no reblogs please because i can´t edit them.

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