Wishes and Dreams, Once More

by Heather's Starting End

I held a heart that wasn’t mine,
It sang songs, but not for me
Just how crazy had I been
All along hearing,
So incorrectly

I loved you until, my heart bled dry
Till the music,
No longer played
Till the only sound within my head
Was the echoing madness,
Of an empty day

It was you, not the sun
That lit my days
It was you, not the stars
That filled my nights

Now it’s me, all alone
For which no music plays
Now it’s me, all alone
To create my new light

Dear Sadness and Loneliness,
You are just,
Mere vagabonds
Passing through
Despite your efforts
To stay with me,
Welcomed, your not,
As this chapter starts new

Because I fear not,
For the sun, It will rise,
Each day as it’s done before
The Milky Way, galaxies,
Stars of the night,
Will be mine for wishes
And dreams once more



3 Comments to “Wishes and Dreams, Once More”

  1. A tug`of`war the heart must win in the end . . . Schaden`freude . . .

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