What Is a Poem

by Peter Notehelfer
Ken Kewley  powersofobservation.com

Ken Kewley powersofobservation.com

After all what’s a poem
a few words basted together
like the patchwork of some quilt
tattered pieces of some tattered lives
remnants in fact of worn denim
threadbare from their years
suddenly useful again


10 Comments to “What Is a Poem”

  1. a treat of homespun wisdom

  2. Sounds like fashion… 🙂

  3. Always stretching the margins Peter 🙂 Wonderful!

  4. First you built the quilt and then enriched it with all the life around, bringing it back to life! Nicely done sir!

    • A simple ‘snapshot’ in my mind’s eye of how this poet works . . . Thanks for the ‘nod’ . . .

  5. ”Poetry? – I don’t really know what it is. Who assigns these tags? How can you decide whether such texts, such dialogues, such song lyrics are poetic or not? Poetry dresses up in so many different ornaments…(Jacques Prévert)
    * * *

    • “Poetry dresses up in so many different ornaments…” Right of course. No one defines what is and what is not a poem except for the reader . . . And every poet when asked What is a Poem? will answer with his/her own metaphor not as THE definition but as His/Her definition. And the metaphor will change according to the climate or day of the week. Thanks for the read . . .

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