Precious Morn – Sonnet 36

by Morgan

Precious Morn
Beyond the Glimmer of Precious Morn,

Where Light lifts our heads from Gentle Sleep,

Whispers Caress and Lovingly Adorn,

All we Hide and Secretly Keep.

Lost from ourselves, these Voices Hail,

In Muted Tones of Remembered Hours,

Kissing our Heads when Emotions are Frail,

Spilling o’er our Hearts like Tenderest Showers.

Disconnected , we Linger, most sad and Lonely,

Trapped in these separate Realities,

Yet Bonded in Love, Our One, Our Only,

When the Glimmer Whispers to set us Free.

There upon that Precious Morn,
Lives our Love in Light, Where Love is Born.

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3 Comments to “Precious Morn – Sonnet 36”

  1. Marvelously spun . . .

  2. Your rhythm and rhyme blend into the perfect song each time you write! Do keep them coming. They are always a treat to read!

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