Is It Today?

by graypoet


The radio caused me to pause and think
The host relating reaction to her post
Thoughtful words about Memorial Day
Thinking of what really matters the most.

To have criticism for remembering others
Those alive now, not only the ones gone
Do we imagine those that have sacrificed
Wanting us to ignore those we still rely on.

Thinking about not just this holiday event
But of all the special days that we observe
Why do we think that is all that matters most
One day for those who raise, praise or serve.

Whether Mother, Father, President or any Patriot
Why give them one day if we can’t always show
That they matter for all that they give to us all
Shouldn’t we be free to always let them know.

To call anyone ignorant or question their praise
When it exceeded our simple thought for the day
Maybe that one should examine their own wisdom
Before running off at the fingers, so little to say.

True many events have lost the meaning they had
Just a day off for barbecue, family, music to play
Don’t dampen the wishes of anyone offering praise
To more that the deceased on this Memorial Day.


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