Uncertainties, Certainties

by Venkat


Our words
Our lives
Stories of fish and pythons
Of worms and lions
Of squirrels and cows

Nibble, in love
Wolf down, in spite

Edges felt, touch but an inch
In love’s uncertain mystery

Gashes deep, tear but the heart
In anger’s certain doom

Your fish seem pythons, to me
My worms, lions to you

Our words
Our lives
So move in this jungle
Of certainties and uncertainties

image: deviantart.com

10 Comments to “Uncertainties, Certainties”

  1. Your poem is filled with wonder and raises a twisting question… Intriguing… Loved it..

  2. Excellent and thoughtful poetry . . . You are gifted, my friend . . .

  3. A wonderful back to back conversation! Nicely penned!

  4. “Your fish seems pythons, to me
    My worms, lions to you” – this line got me ❤

  5. great combinations
    Squirrels and cows.

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