Escape to Reality

by Karen


Copyright © 230515 by Karen Payze

Watch the people


Who they aren’t in public

Who they are in private

How they love each other

and hurt each other


I weave together

a world of make-believe

to delight the senses


It’s what we all crave

is it not?


If my reality and your fantasy

and your reality and my fantasy

are intertwined

Could it then be said

we are living our fiction?


I create illusion

in a fictional world


But your reality

is fiction

A discreet



We use

diversion and

deviation and


To keep the illusion alive


We build intricate webs

to catch

each other


And opened eyes

see things that cannot be unseen


Hold on to the fantasy

that is your reality


Or be prepared

for the fog to clear


Copyright © 230515 by Karen Payze

Also published on 1000 words

Note: artwork is mine and is copyrighted to me.  Please do not use without my express permission.  Thanks.


4 Comments to “Escape to Reality”

  1. The theme is wonderful! Nice!

  2. clever:
    my reality, your fantasy
    From the title to the last full stop
    this one has me thinking (never a bad thing).

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