The Ship`Builder

by Peter Notehelfer

He walked
into the office
like some prophet
propped on a staff
on a cold March day
It was to Spokane
he was walking
[ā like in cane]
Cold he was! 

Over tea
he told me
his homeless story
How he was from NY
tho he’d never been there
where he was headed
to build Noah’s ark
for the lost souls
sail to Malaysia

was his trade he said
Saving lives his life’s work
In his bag he had a gold bar
[worth $300,000 he told me]
If I knew someone who’d
drive him to Spokane
he’d be glad to pay
his own way

At two o`clock he took up his red umbrella
pointed his waking stick east & disappeared


6 Comments to “The Ship`Builder”

  1. This is just cool! I love the meter, the use of antithesis and the story 🙂

  2. mysterious encounter – but then, aren’t they all

  3. topical, whimsical and very powerful, like the mythic style and allusions.

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