Lark Song

by Karen


The air is magnetic
And enigmatic
Light pulses and throbs
Through the trembling sky
Black as night
Black as the black venom
Running through your veins

Through the
A melody

Is this
The song of the lark

Beckoning to me?

Smooth, honeyed voice

This is the song
Of the crow

Summoning me

A sound of
Sweet honey
At first
Thick sweet honey

Smooth, honeyed voice, calls my name

It is a false comfort
Thick sweet honey
Thick sweet honey dripping with venom
Thick sweet honey dripping with black bilious venom

Enticing me
Enchanting me

Smooth, honeyed voice, dripping with the blackness of venom, bites down.

My soul crystallised
I am hypnotised
Your prey

The bite, the blackness of venom, a poison that darkens the heart.

Milky white eyes
See the sprite
Bend down to me

Bite back.

Tendrils long and brown

Surround me
Wrap around me
Protect me

The poison, thick black bilious, slowly seeps out.

I hear the Lark song
Take me Lark
Take me to the place
Take me to the place above the storm

Where the air is clear
Where I fly without fear.

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Note: Photo’s are mine and are copyrighted to me. Please do not use without my express permission. Thanks.

Also published on 1000 Words


7 Comments to “Lark Song”

  1. Like the rhythms and illustration

  2. this could be interpreted in many ways. and that’s the beauty of some poems. it reads as how it resonates with the reader’s heart. to me it took me into moment where few in many lives have got me through falling for their sweet talks!

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