At The End of it All

by Tiffany Layne

You’ve lied so much you’ve forgotten the truth
Turned against everything I ever taught you
And for what? A cheap thrill? A quick high?
Don’t you know it costs more than a dime!
And the piper will come and you will pay
He won’t let you wait for a sunny day
He’ll leave you swimming in a pit of despair
But hey, you’re the one who wanted to go in there.
You doubt the good book, the Father, the son,
When the going gets tough you’re looking to run
And that’s not who you were raised to be
I didn’t expect a carbon copy of me,
But a person of faith who follows her path,
Who dreams big things and never looks back,
Who uses her gifts and uses her brains,
Who spends her time doing the right things,
Those were lessons repeated again and again,
I can’t understand why you keep stumbling
Over the same blocks up against the same wall
And it’s breaking my heart watching you fall,
But I’ll try to catch you one more time,
Because at the end of it all, you are mine.

3 Comments to “At The End of it All”

  1. saving the ones we love 🙂

  2. clear message and beautiful rhythms, it is great 🙂

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