by Tiffany Layne

They sang “I can only imagine”
In church yesterday
It took me back to the moment
We sent you away

Your youngest son sang the song
I cried 10,000 tears
I can’t believe it’s been so long
Going on twelve years

I wonder if you’re up there
Looking down on me
And if I’m half the woman
You said that I would be

Do you ever catch me
In my moments of despair
When I stumble and I fall
Are you sending me your prayers?

I try to be the kind of person
I always knew you were
You showed me a light, a love
I could not ignore

You helped me trust the Father,
You connected to my soul
You gave me hope and laughter
And I’ve never let that go.

Missing you is still a struggle
A heart ache that never fades
But I can only imagine
We’ll meet again someday.

©2015 TiffanyLayne

2 Comments to “Grand-daddy”

  1. So touching, I am sure he is looking down upon you everytime!

  2. Simply beautiful in all aspects! What a lovely piece and one that you should be proud of. Based on how well this is written, I am sure you are all the woman your grandfather expected you to be! Keep you head up high young lady!

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