The Music of Your Life

by Karen

I take your frail hand in mine

Where sands of time

Have carved deep memories

Over what was once

A fresh, peachy flesh

Or so I believe


I look upon a face of grey

A thousand smiles hidden

Within a million frowns

A thousand sparkles of happiness

Drowned out by a million glistening tears


Through your eyes of green and blue and gold

I see beyond these whitewashed walls

And chemicals enough to burn the sense

Right out of you

To a place where you now dwell

In a time long past

Mostly forgotten

By the rest of the world


You are an anomaly whose heart

Was never meant to be free

But you changed your destiny

You are the exotic bird

With wings a mile wide that

Could evade a net and a snare

In order to keep your heart to you.


Then, in the bewitching hour,

The feathers would fade away

And if a young suitor

Would happen to pass you by

On that night

At that hour

He could catch you

As you danced under the pale gas-filled lights

Lining the old narrow cobble road

You would walk hand in hand

Where the music played

And every man and woman

Would dance till their feet bled


Then, when the clock chimed

For you to return

To their dreams,

You would flee like Cinderella

But without the glass slipper

A mere shadow

And they would speculate if they had

Actually seen you in the first place

Before wandering off in a stupor

Hearts drunk with desire


Now I see the smile on your mouth

As he calls to you

The one that nearly was

You stretch your hand to the ceiling

Reaching out to him

I look up

What am I expecting to see?

Still, I stare at the bright fluorescent light

Like the moth drawn in


I hear your hand fall quietly to your side

I hear the last soft sigh from your weather-worn lips

I hear the never-ending, irritating beep of the machine

I hear the silence penetrate my soul


And then


Far away

An illusion

So surreal

Appears in the recesses

of my troubled mind


I hear the music of your life.


Copyright © 170515 by Karen Payze


Also Published on 1000 Words

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