Poem of the Day — Spliced

by paturnerlee

Teachers disco a bumbling twirl of ridiculous clothing

A two-tone jacket competion

I feel like a brogue fitting haircut

The one with the smell of the seaside

And grease scraped onto a razor blade

The same one to cut the gesture

A mirror reflected powder

To make it look like twice as much in sales talk

Just my crutch that needs some snatching

To fall on a concrete step

Leaning for questions for the torrent of listeners

Fed up with complaining

The same old story told over and again

Insane trips to the conceptual practitioner

The one with a rack to hang my clothes on

And impart your inner feelings on a burnt steak dinner plate

Washed down with wine

Feeling less than fine

I go out in the morning

As if to drink on Sundays

A parchment day for ministers

Feeling dry bread in the back of the cupboard

The one that is laced with brambles

Sharp shooting nest builders

Hidden in magpie wings

In the sun

On the horizon
Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright May 11th 2015`


One Comment to “Poem of the Day — Spliced”

  1. An interesting write! Very good!

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