Are We Evolving?

by graypoet


Thinking back over the last decades
So many advancements we’ve seen
Electronic gadgets seem to abound
Reading this, you know what I mean.

With this age of comfort and growth
Are we evolving into automated beings
Are we losing the ability of expression
Keeping in touch, without our feelings.

When did you last try to pencil a thought
Can you write without touching the keys
Convenience, expedience, whatever it is
Too often now, we take no time to please.

We get a new phone, yet forget how to talk
We’d rather text and email than reach out
With no emotion in type, what do we feel
We turn on our caps just to imitate a shout.

If this is the evolution that we should expect
What does this say in years that are still ahead
If we forget how to share and emotional bond
We may forget how to feel words that are said.

5 Comments to “Are We Evolving?”

  1. I agree with this! I rather have a heart-felt letter than an e-mail or text…

  2. Awesome…well said !!

  3. Great sentiment! I agree, yet admit I do prefer texting to calling on the phone!

  4. Our children are already suffering from our mistakes and that almost indicates no hope for the grandchildren. Very well written!

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