Always Remember

by graypoet


She gave of herself with no expectations
We seldom heard her ask for very much
You could make her smile with just a hug
She always returned such a gentle touch.

Before the days of all the gadgets we have
She spent hours to teach, cloth and to feed
We might not have had labels or the latest
But we were given the things we did need.

Seldom did I see her buy herself a new dress
Looking back I had anything needed for school
She managed to feed any I brought to our house
My friends always told me that she was cool.

I can say I always tried to make my mom proud
Proudly I was by her side when she passed away
Many take what they have for granted these days
What I’d give just to share another Mother’s Day.


One Comment to “Always Remember”

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your number one Lady. You can always celebrate Mother’s Day as your mother is still your mother! A wonderful poem filled with so much love!

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