About Her

by graypoet


Without her, would there be words or any to read them
Because of her, we mirror bits of wisdom she had to say
Believing her, we stand on our feet and face all that come
Thinking of her, we try to make her proud, every single day.

Ask her how she felt the moment she first caught sight of you
Hear her tell those stories of what you were like that first year
Watch her reminisce about the times you kept her up all night
Make her proud and see her smile, her eyes filling with a tear.

Trust her when she tries to direct your steps away from a course
Consult her when you don’t understand what it is that you feel
Comfort her when you know she feels disappointment at times
Cherish her strength, because she is not really made of steel.

Miss her when you start looking to raise a family of your own
Protect her as she grows weary from all life has thrown her way
Remember her, there will come a day she is only in your heart
Treat her to a day given just to her, make it a special Mother’s Day.

One Comment to “About Her”

  1. Such a beautiful tribute, near Mother’s Day – lovely !!

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