Mystical Apple

by Venkat


I went in search
Of an apple, mystical
Which was ‘right’
In size
In color
In shine
In taste
In curves
In seeds
To touch
To behold

A perfect key to my locked mind
I sifted through thousands
By the day
By the night
Till they became no more
To be seen

My eyes rolled deep
To touch the unseen corners
Turning each back, in my hands
Now held in shocked wonder
In sizes same
In colors same
In shine same
In taste same
In curves same
In seeds same
To touch same
To behold same

Now, aren’t they juicy Arils
Of a single pomegranate skin
I never peeled



2 Comments to “Mystical Apple”

  1. I’m all about the apples here at Old Road Apples!

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