Love, Too Distant

by Venkat


This home
Walls of leaves, green
Sunlight, beaming low from edges
Of coconuts huddled high
Whispers of rain, a thatched roof
Sound as heartbeats on a bosom, warm
Trees mute, sway loyal, in winds fresh
Breathe as flutes in unison, dissolving the bird song
Clouds passing low, vibrate my ears
As squirrels scurry into their holes
A lightning sparkles your eyes, reflecting light
Upon the grey holes, of my love

Nature, not in my hands
Seeps so, into these fingers, hard
Melting drops of love, upon my page

Yet my eyes keep you in that corner
To hold the heart and drink those tears
Of solitude

Separating you, from nature
As I write


6 Responses to “Love, Too Distant”

  1. “separating you, from nature
    as I write” -this line I like 😀

  2. Beautifully written . . . ‘Trees mute, sway loyal, in winds fresh / Breathe as flutes in unison’ – Beautiful!

  3. Thanks for ping back 🙂


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