High Hopes

by Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books® and booksmakebooms.com

If I were a mountain,
I’d be rugged and tall
with my head in the clouds.
I’d be wild with rivers that whisper and roar;
I’d flourish with creatures,
forests, and storms. If I were a mountain,
my thunder would pound
hard as a hammer, crisp as the morn.

Come June, I’d flower
with poppy and glow. Come fall,
I’d showcase maple groves. I’d be orange and yellow,
red and bold. If I were a mountain,
I’d be capped in snow. I’d cradle a village
in a quaint meadow. I’d decorate Christmas
with evergreen spruce. If I were a mountain,
miners would sluice
their hopes and dreams from solitude.

from The Wolf Pack Moon an upcoming book by Richard Rensberry


8 Comments to “High Hopes”

  1. Thanks, Rellick. I have just recently become aware of this site. I am looking forward to sharing and reading other’s work.

  2. Great read for a Friday morning . . . I somehow have the feeling that you could have gone on for another page or two if you had wanted . . .

  3. Thanks, Peter. The poem was longer before I took out all my high-powered tools. When it comes to poetry, I love the weed-whacked.

  4. Well done Richard and welcome to poets corner.

  5. Thanks, Harry. Really a nice site. Glad to have found a great community.

  6. This is so beautifully written…

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