Dear Birth Mom

by Heather's Starting End

I am sure that I once saw you,
When I came in to this life
I believe I must have looked at you,
When I first opened up my eyes

Your face, I don’t remember
God somehow made it so
That those visions are not memories,
Possible to stow

I believe that our skin once touched,
Though for sure, I’ll never know
If you held me for just moments,
Before forever letting go

My mirror casts, your reflection,
Though I can’t say really where
Is it in my eyes, my frame, or my smile?
Just perhaps my light brown hair

I somehow find it truly sad,
That again we never met
I wish to say I thank you,
Your choice, please don’t regret

You gave me life, though set me free,
Into loving arms
A Mom and Dad with two great brothers
Protected always, from lifes harm

I hope your life has served you well
And that you too, with time have thrived
Maybe once again, I’ll see your face,
In heaven with my eyes



14 Comments to “Dear Birth Mom”

  1. Very sad, but well written.

  2. Reblogged this on Daylight Tune Ministries and commented:
    This is a beautiful tribute to mothers

  3. Heather, this is truly beautiful….thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Lovely, it took a lot to write it.

  5. It is so meaningful for some mothers who know they cannot raise their babies, to allow a worthy and loving person to become a mother through adoption. This was such a sweet and lovely letter to a birth mommy!

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