Writers Block

by William

It’s time for me a poem to write

Ideas immediately spring to mind

No “Writers Block” here to fight

Always so many words I’ll find


Have not yet experienced the malady

That they call “Writers Block”

There is no known remedy

But it‘s appearance would be quite a shock


“Love” poems are always the best

A broken heart, an unfaithful lover and the rest

Always written from the depths of my soul

Sometimes have to dig deeper to fill that hole


Woke up this morning, determined to start

A poem so beautiful, it would melt your heart

Sat at my table, waiting for words to flow

My brain was working, but just a little slow


I looked down at the lines on the white page

Words should captivate my mind at this stage

But the page was empty, have not written a word

“Writers Block?” Don’t be absurd



One Comment to “Writers Block”

  1. Touche! There are the odd moments – but the words always come. Where there is life – there are words!

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