by Scott Andrew Bailey

Tradition is the echo of oppression
The long shadow of old power
The dark night of the poor
A back drop for wealth’s fireworks
Yet its the poor who cling
Fast to slow-moving tradition
As the controllers far above
Play their fears like violin strings


By Scott Bailey © 2015

Originally posted on houseofbailey

2 Comments to “Tradition”

  1. Yet it is by understanding our traditions we are shaped into the characters we are as adults, for better or for worse: fundamentalists, moderates, progressives – each have inherited their traditions. Being human is to come from some place and to be on our way to some place else: we hang on to the values of the past that ‘work’ for us, and discard the rest . . . One day we will represent the next generation’s traditions . . . There is no escape from it . . . Thanks for stimulating some thoughts . . .

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