Catalyst for Change

by Colly


The end of the world is near…

(Or could it be…um)

For want of…a way to perpetrate mass control.

(by freaks with muscle)

Or officials to…forge a way of gain.

(greedy pigs)

Ceasing e’er opportunity to “mark” the mob.

(the triple six fans)

As they enforce, harmful, immunizations.

(to “dilute” the recipients)

And fill our drinking water with chemicals.

(to stain our inner-system)

It’s the end of the world…?


Or just a few wishing it so…

(funding changes towards their mandate)

As they scoff – watch, human, soldiers fall.

(personal photo)


5 Comments to “Catalyst for Change”

  1. It can’t be over, I have tomuch to do. lol

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