The Walls

by KeiB

The lover in me
Has faded
The lover in me
Is nowhere to be found
She is bound

Behind sturdy walls
I’ve built so carefully
The lover in me awaits
Intervention of Fate

For the mythical Knight
Or the one honest man
To find the key
Turn the lock, open me

The love in me
Fades to jaded
Is banked down so far
Firefly in a jar

And I…

I retreat into the fortress
Of my heart’s echoing halls
Warming my numb, cold fingers
Over the ink of old love letters
Making boats of the pretty paper
Pirate words your heart to capture

And I… hold this breath… and step out barefoot

To set them into the ocean puddles
Just outside these castle walls

~ kei
Karin Bole Tupper ~ The Eclectic Poet
25 April 2015

paper boat

9 Comments to “The Walls”

  1. Reblogged this on literallylaurie and commented:
    I feel sadness that this reflects part of my heart today. Hopefully it will not always be so…

  2. Your poem reflects our human condition: we long to love and to be loved, yet out of fear of failure we isolate & insulate ourselves from each other certain we will be disappointed or disappointing . . . Loving is such hard work . . . Thanks for the stimulating thoughts . . .

  3. Wonderful. Written for so many ❤

  4. Lovely reading karin.

    have you a photo link and you forgot the tags 🙂

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