by Peter Notehelfer
 George Morrison www.askart.com

George Morrison   www.askart.com

My wife says
I’m a lousy listener
Perhaps all husbands are
But I think I’m a fine listener!
Out for dinner I tune in right away
to whatever conversations are
going on at the next table
or one right behind us
I’m all ears! 

That couple
sitting behind us
well they are not a couple!
Her jabbering about a husband
and him yakking on about his wife
I’d think people stepping out on
someone’d leave ’em home!
But no! Seems they’re
the main dish!

The couple
sitting next to us
now they’re just siblings
A sister and brother wondering
how long their mother’s gonna live
since moving into a group home
where Medicaid’s squeezing
the very last drop
of her blood

It’s amazing
what you can learn
by listening to the people
living their lives right near you
sitting right at the table next to you
And my wife goes on telling me
I’m not a good listener!
Little does she know
things I hear!

“There’s nothing like eavesdropping to show you that the world outside your head                                                           is different from the world inside your head.” ~ Thornton Wilder


6 Comments to “Eavesdropping”

  1. impolite – says the man hard of hearing

  2. That was a fun read. I liked the way you shaped the stanzas.

  3. Wow, are we all like that? lol

  4. Now I understand what she was complaining..

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