Double Wonder

by Venkat


your double coat of grey
melted the soil, into my breath
as my earth soaked
in your balm of silver pearls

the sun simmered
into its orange gown
blushing in crimson
as spirits from my earth
liberated into your sky

were you enamoured
as they sunk
into your heart
to slip your mask
into the joy of tears

and reveal your soul
in two diamonds
you ever carry
under this double coat
of grey

and open my fingers
to touch those diamonds
we ever carry
under our two eyes
stuck in the dark

the halves in us
we separate
one superior
one inferior

made but from
the same stone

Beautiful twin rainbows from my apartment on 13th April 2015, Bangalore, India.


4 Comments to “Double Wonder”

  1. Exquisite photo and poem.

  2. Stunning photo – I’ve seen double rainbows before, but never ones as vivid as these!

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