~ Bailey Bear, Duckling Dea and the Woodsmen

by A. L. O'Prunty

~ Bailey Bear, Duckling Dea and the Woodsmen

They gathered beneath the old oak tree
Bailey Bear and a duckling named Dea
Friends they’d been since left alone
When woodsmen took their mommies home
The sun shone bright as they planned their day
But breakfast was needed before they could play
Bailey searching for a honey hive
Dea beneath the waters where insects hide

Tummies full it was time to explore
To laugh and play as days before
Occasionally breaking out in song
As Bailey led and Dea wobbled along
They stopped to play ring-around-the-rosie
With the triplet bunnies, Pansy, Patty and Posey
Exhausted they all fell to the ground
Dizzy from spinning round and round
Suddenly the woods went very quiet
Danger was lurking they couldn’t deny it
Each scattered, found a place to hide
Except for Dea with a wobbled stride
Peering from bushes Dea remembered those eyes
The sneaky woodsmen thought to surprise
Dea quaked loud with fear, wobbled to get away
Bailey, and bunnies cheering her on her way
With all the sounds the woodsmen became confused
Glancing first this way and that his rifle raised to be used
But Dea’s friends tricked him with movement, sound
And before he knew it, his duckling couldn’t be found
They waited til nightfall to gather once more
Bailey, Dea the triplet bunnies and others galore
The woodlands their home, intruders must beware
The power of friendship could appear anywhere
Their eventful day had turned into night
Each yawned no longer filled with fright
Promising each they were never alone
Bailey and Dea headed off for home
And everyone knows words like this
“Home is always where the heart lives”.
Dedicated to my grandchildren.

3 Comments to “~ Bailey Bear, Duckling Dea and the Woodsmen”

  1. Darling child’s story…!!

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