When The Cat’s Away

by William

We slowly entered the school music room

Our music teacher had been delayed

Our instruments stretched from flute to double bass

We were getting a little restless as we stayed


Suddenly a sound, so pure, filled the room

With violin placed under his chin, Marty

Slowly began to increase the tempo

A saxophone then gatecrashed the party


The trumpet guy was getting restless

And suddenly took the lead

The drums and double bass were chomping at the bit

Begging for a chance to be freed


We were playing a form of jazz heavily mixed with the blues

The organ was keeping the rhythm as the trumpet soared to the skies above

The last instrument to enter the mix

Was the tuba which fitted just like a glove


The music teacher was standing at the door dumbstruck

Tears pouring down his cheeks, then he did a little dance

His hands were clapping in time with the beat

Proudly beaming as if still in a trance


Music lessons were never the same after that


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One Comment to “When The Cat’s Away”

  1. The music teacher in me loves this

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