A Love Story

by Heather's Starting End

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Once upon a time…

The Snow fell in love
With the mid-winter Sun
Not knowing just what
It was getting into,
Not aware just yet, of the damage to come

The Suns beauty, it speared
Through the crisp, cold blue sky
The Snow gleaming with worship,
As the days passed on by

Feeling so close, in white layers so deep
So high, on the earth that it laid
Fearlessly moving deeper in love,
But winter was ready to go on its way

Drip by drip, day by day,
Watching the Sun
Perched high in the sky
Drops now formed, upon its heart
The Snow now knew,
The time had come,
For their final good-bye

As its puddle grew larger,
The pain did as well
The Sun burning down,
For its last farewell….

No regrets, thought the Snow,
I thought I chose well
How different we were,
Only time could tell

As the Sun and the Snow
Were destined to part,
No matter how foolish,
Love still melts the heart

It’s the risk we take,
Each time in loves name
There are no rules of logic,
In this kind of game




7 Comments to “A Love Story”

  1. Amazing connection…. I really liked this one 🙂

  2. I love this poem. I like the relationship you illustrated between the winer and summer, very creative. It is the perfect thing to read on a sunny morning in the south!

  3. Very nice. Love the connection.

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