On the Ledge of the Day

by Peter Notehelfer
Une enfance dans la lune bmoraillon.Boy

Une enfance dans la lune bmoraillon.Boy

I sit on the cold ledge of the day
my feet dangling over the edge
into the thin air still as a stream
my thoughts still lost in a dream 

Off to the west diamonds sparkle
light reflecting off the windows
of houses too distant to discern
solar light too fragile to contain

It’s like joy in the eye of a child
unpremeditated unselfconscious
innocence all too soon corrupted
by a sports page & a comic strip

I sit on the silver sliver of a moon
A boy with his fishing rod in hand
his line dangling down into stars
not yet extinguished by the day


10 Comments to “On the Ledge of the Day”

  1. English isn’t good but I’ll try to say something about the poem.
    I like it in a first reading and i’ll read once.

  2. Unique thought processes.Beautifully put together

  3. I will not visit your page again due to a convoluted “cookie policy.” Why not simply allow us to opt out of those which are not required, without our having to go wandering off to other pages? You have needlessly complicated this. Poetry has few enough followers without such nonsense.

    The poem has some very lovely lines. Thank you, dear Poet. ~~ Nanette

  4. Hello, I enjoyed the poem. I love the imagery of a fishing rod line dangling in the stars!

    I also enjoyed the accompanying art. Can you tell me the artist’s name?

  5. B.e.a.u.tiful♥️

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