Kept a secret

by Jem Croucher


Kept a secret, it was mine
I looked at it from time to time
I put it in a special box
with hinge and lid but no firm locks
But it was hidden well from view
and rarely seen by just a few

But as time passed more secrets came
some by pictures, some by name
And my special box with secrets there
became something to show and share
Its purpose changed, the secrets stayed
But opened now and oft displayed

Its memories to have and hold
now bring a smile as we grow old
Every single one a treasure
Beyond a value or a measure
Something special bringing cheers
A captured glimpse of passing years

Photo – Jempics

[A-Z April – day 11 – #K]


2 Comments to “Kept a secret”

  1. Very nice Jem. It’s amazing how the secret treasures of our younger lives come back to inspire, to want their way out to be touched and loved again… Nice.

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