An ode to Elvis (2002 – 2015)

by Jem Croucher


Elvis Presley’s left the building
but he’s in a better place
up there in doggy heaven
with a smile upon his face

With his brother, Basil Fawlty
he’s been with us several years
so we’ll miss his waggy tail
and his stupid floppy ears

The tennis balls in the garden
will stay there for quite a while
as they’ll keep alive his memory
and are sure to bring a smile

It won’t be the same without him
we will miss him, that’s for sure
but we have pictures in abundance
to look at, treasure and adore

Elvis Presley’s left the building
but he is jumping now with joy
so when the tears are gone we’ll jump with him
Our precious little boy

Elvis Presley and Basil Fawlty came from the same litter of Border Terrier/Jack Russell crossbreeds in May 2002. They’ve lived with us ever since. Elvis passed away peacefully on Friday 10 April. He’s survived by his brother Basil who’ll now be spoilt something rotten!


4 Comments to “An ode to Elvis (2002 – 2015)”

  1. Beautiful tribute to your pup! So sorry for your loss.

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