Look At Those Books

by Venkat


Look at those quiet books around
camouflaged in clothes of brown dust
crumbled into their own garments
blown into particles of aged winds

Look at those mute chapters untouched
eclipsed into dark corners beneath eyes
each in its orbit, yet seem motionless
cruising in black space, of lost memories

Look at those green words frozen
buried leaves in flakes of snow
silent cries for rays, of yellow balm
flowers on the arms broken, frigid
skin barren, in thirst of morning dew

Look at these eyes, weary of pages
sunk in aged nerves of these palms
Now, holding the world on my window
unfolded, to uncover books from dust

so left unseen

image: web.ncf.ca

4 Comments to “Look At Those Books”

  1. Beautiful! 🙂

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