Memories Evoked

by Karen
Copyright © 060415 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 060415 by Karen Payze


I look out over the valley
To the mountains
And row
Upon row
Upon row
Upon row
Of prickly needled pines

The scent always sharpest
Before the great storm
It permeates
Every pore
Of every thing

And races across the valley
The demon
In close pursuit

A crack of blinding light
You’re in Heaven
A thunderous roar
You’re in Hell

It is enough to make
The bravest of men cower
Under their beds
Of pine
In their cottages
Of pine
In the forest
Of pine

Not me
I peer out the window
Excitement coursing
My nervous system
Adrenalin setting my heart
To thud thump throb
In its ivory cage

At completion
The cool, clear, crisp
New dawn
To fill my empty spirit
To repair my crumbling soul

Also published on 1000 words

5 Comments to “Memories Evoked”

  1. Hi Karen, you forgot the “read more ” 🙂

  2. Very beautiful Karen! Feels like home here in Colorado! Nice imagery and wonderful use of phrasing. Very nice!

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