Streaks of Fire

by Venkat


Times, I shoot
Into the castle of leaves
Laid by fine strands of her love
Do I scatter her flowers concealed behind
Splattered buds, killed by my poisoned arrows

Times, I turn
Into a log of metal
Hardened by flames of my coldness
Do I nail her feelings of velvet silk beneath
Drooping high, dripping blood by my poisoned hammer

Times, I wither
Into a hollow cavern
Surrounded by my dark empty heart
Do I slip her thoughts held under my eyes
Chased too late, for want of light upon my mind’s feet

Times, I now see
Held on this feathered net, porous
My hollowness glued by wires of soft thought
Do I catch her agonized soul in this heart of mesh
To cross this river of life, where we wed as streaks of fire
Where forms taper thin into formlessness
Fueled by nothing but oil dipped in love


2 Comments to “Streaks of Fire”

  1. So glad to have you back from your ‘exile’ . . . Intimate verses . . .

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