What Happened to this Place?

by Tiffany Layne

You walk in the door,
same as the day before,
First thing you say-
what happened to this place?
Toys scattered on the floor,
laundry piled up a little more,
Barely did the dishes in the sink
with this old dog at my feet!
I remember back in time,
you said “honey, it’s fine-
So you weren’t Martha Stewart today,
I still love you anyway!”
You wiped away the defeated tears,
Man, it hasn’t been like that in years!

Now you’re yelling at me
and I’m yelling back.
So you get a little louder
and I get a little louder than that.
Then you say things
you don’t really mean,
So I tell you
just go ahead and leave!
I guess we forgot
just how to laugh it off,
So I crash the coffee cups
against the kitchen walls.
And you walk out the door
just like you did before,
I cry and I say,
what happened to this place?

Just walk in the door
different than before!
Say “darling let me help you”
Is that too hard to do?
Don’t set me up to let you down
with expectations so deep I drown.
Don’t worry if the neighbors stare,
they’ve got their own
failures over there.
We don’t have to paint
a perfect picture,
we just have to paint it together.
Can’t you see I’m completely defeated
Your love is the only approval I needed.
There used to be beauty
in the chaos we faced,
Now it’s just
what happened to this place?!

One Comment to “What Happened to this Place?”

  1. I know – I know can relate too easily

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