by Lakshmi

salt and cerulean waves under a midnight moon
i dream of coming back here i don’t know if it’s true
long years since i walked along the shore and listened
to the yearning tide my heart was in your hands

i’ve slept on city streets and in wretched windowless rooms
restless under tin-shine roofs and sun-warmed mud floors
houses on hills, cabins in woods, pretty villas in summertime
but home was not a place it was your sirensong

i was lonely at nineteen making circles in the sand when
i first heard your voice and everything came alive
seastorm under dusky skies but the thunder didn’t give
maybe ships out in the blue would stop mid-voyage

i thought i’d heard a creature of seafoam and of song
a featherlight voice that rose above the breaking sky
walked along the shore ‘cause i thought i’d find you
but i gave my heart to a spirit i never saw

maybe i’m living too much in sea-dreams and sand
i’ll wait for you i’ll wait for you till wrinkles claim my hands.

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  1. Oh, you forgot the “read more ” Oh

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